Studio/Session Musician – Piano and Keyboards original arranjements recorded remotely

March 12, 2023
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Hello everybody, good afternoon. I hope you’re all doing very well and with many musical success!

I´m a musician, composer and musical producer from Portugal, where I'm the pianist, keyboards player and one of the strings arrangements composers of one of the most important rock/cult bands in our country, the ORNATOS VIOLETA. I have also my personal project, called GATO MORTO - our first album is going to be release in October and one of our special guest musicians is DANA COLLEY, the incredible saxophone player of the eternal band MORPHINE, that plays in two of our songs - and I played (and toured), in this 30 years of professional musician, with some of the most famous and mytical bands and artists of the Portuguese Music - and even recorded in songs with artists like the brazilian musician MILTON NASCIMENTO (with SÉRGIO GODINHO), for example.

Since 1998, I’m always, without excepcion, in every annual lists (made by the specialized music media of my country) of the “BEST PORTUGUESE KEYBOARDS PLAYERS”.

I will leave, in the end of this text, the links to my Facebook Artist Page and personal YouTube Page (where, in this last one, I have many playlists with dozens of different bands and artists, tv interviews and live performances, special filmed concerts for hundreds of thousand of people in the audience, etc) and also the YouTube Link for one of the songs that probably best represents my original works, called “TEMPO DE NASCER” (produced by the famous producer MÁRIO CALDATO JR. and by portuguese producer MÁRIO BARREIROS), from Ornatos Violeta (band with whom I’ve earned many awards and nominations, like “BAND OF THE YEAR”, “BEST SONG OF THE YEAR” – with our biggest hit, “OUVI DIZER” – several nominations of “ALBUM OF THE YEAR” by all kind of media, “BEST MALE SINGER”, etc..)

Now I started a new facet of my work, STUDIO/SESSION MUSICIAN recording and composing REMOTELY, in my personal studio, allowing me to work with artists and producers from all over the world. In Portugal, I´ve worked a lot with many artists in the actual studios, but know, with this new way of working, it's much more easier to bands and musicians to reach out to me for us to work together, no matter how far we are.

I got and/or worked in several álbuns that reached SILVER, GOLD and PLATINUM RECORDS, like my band, Ornatos Violeta, did, Gold with our first album, “CÃO!”, and Platinum Record with our second album, "O MONSTRO PRECISA DE AMIGOS", where, for example, GORDON GANO from VIOLENT FEMMES sings in a song, "CAPITÃO ROMANCE", in portuguese! :) And there are three (that I know of) artists in Brasil that also made a version of this same song, ZECA BALEIRO (with whom I’ve played live, with him and is musicians, in a special concert from one of the most important Portuguese Singers/Songwriters, Sérgio Godinho, with whom I was touring), A BANDA MAIS BONITA DA CIDADE and LEMOSKINE.

Please contact me by if you're interested in knowing a little bit more about my music or for me to compose and/or record with you.

It will be a pleasure!

Thank you all very much for reading all this. :)

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