Buy 5cladba adbb jwh-018 4fadb precursors materials China supplier WAPP:+8615389272017

May 9, 2023
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Whatsapp/telegram +8615389272017  Wickr me: ava522  Threema: J5K3D9VZ

Research chemicals and organic intermediates China reliable supplier!

Payment: Bitcoin, USDT, XMR, ETH.....Western Union, Moneygram for your choices

Purpose:For research

Strong effects, great feedbacks, 100% safe delivery to your door!


Main products we sell:

5cladba (5cl-adb-a) precursor

Adbb (Adb-butinaca) precursor

4fadb precursor

Jwh-018 precursor

Jwh-018 new

5fadb new

4fadb new

Apvp crystal new

Apihp crystal

Eutylone crystal

hexen new

2fdck New

Etomidate Cas 33125-97-2

Bromazolam Cas 71368-80-4

Flubrotizolam Cas 57801-95-3

Flubromazepam Cas 2647-50-9

Etizolam New Cas 2894-61-3

Protonitazene Cas 119276-01-6

Metonitazene Cas 14680-51-4

Isotonitazene Cas 14188-81-9

1,4 bdo (1,4 Butanediol) Cas 110-63-4

New BMK Powder Cas 5449-12-7

pmk Glycidate powder/Oil Cas 28578-16-7

P2np(1-phenyl-2-nitropropene) Cas 705-60-2

Xylazine Cas 7361-61-7



Steroids injection oil

Steroids tablets



Threema: J5K3D9VZ

Whatsapp/telegram +86 15389272017

Session: 0597111328e21f797b78aa02c0c7b093c7fc638c8b789d05c6f40342537d35c910

Wickr me: ava522



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