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Artificial Limbs Prosthesis (prosthetic Leg & hand)


Artificial Limbs When people have the misfortune of losing their arms or legs due to injury, disease or birth defects, artificial limbs help amputees get back to their normal functioning to a certain degree. Cancer, infection and cardiovascular disease brought about by disorders like diabetes are leading illnesses that cause amputation.Recovery from the loss of a limb can be hard. Sadness, anger, and frustration. We will help you in your tough time, you may contact us to schedule for a free evaluation or contact us directly to speak to our knowledgeable staff about your thoughts, questions and concerns. You can set up a meeting with one of our experienced Prosthetists who can alleviate your fears and prepare you for what lies ahead all consultations & evaluations are performed free of charge.

One of the Best Artificial Limbs Specialists and the most trusted limb care center providing prosthetics at an affordable price. We custom design a comfortable prosthesis from lightweight material and sophisticated technology to fit you and your lifestyle. Lower Limb Partial Foot (including Lisfranc, Chopart) Ankle Disarticulation (Symes)Transtibial (below-knee) Knee Disarticulation Transfemoral (above-knee) Hip Disarticulation and hemipelvectomy Upper Limb Partial Hand and Digits Wrist Disarticulation Transradial (below-elbow) Transhumeral (above-elbow)Shoulder Disarticulation Forequarter #manufacturers_of_artificial_limbs

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